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    Go - get outside. It’s free

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  2. Some pictures I took during 311’s first stop of the Summer 2014 tour in Albuquerque, New Mexico on June 26, 2014. 

    It had been 3 years since one of the greatest bands ever visited the 505 and I was so happy when they announced Albuquerque on their tour! I had to go! The first time I saw them was the mentioned show back in 2011 at the Sunshine Theater. What an amazing show it was! 

    My second time seeing them was just as amazing! Every 311 show guarantees an amazing spectacle of sound and energy! The brothers of positivity rocked the stage and these photos were amongst some of the best concert photos I’ve taken. One of the best moments of my life was meeting Mr. Nick Hexum after the show! What a gracious chap! I will never forget that!

    Of course, I’m not trying to cash in on these photos, I’m just sharing my pictures with my fellow Excitable Ones! I hope you all enjoy! Can’t nobody do it like 311! I do take credit for taking them, though. Catching one of the greatest bands in action was an honor!


  3. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Love Is A Camera (Official …: what a great track and a spooky video!! Amazing!

  4. shonuff44:

    Here is another Project that I have worked on between commissions. I really cannot tell you how long I worked on this because I did this in many short periods but had a lot of fun drawing it. 

    Here is my Tribute to some of My favorite characters of Speed. Can you name them all?

    I wonder who would really win this race.

    Amazing tribute!

  5. I’m Coming For Ya: By Eric M. Hernandez

    Another Jon Talbain fanart for ya! I had envisioned him on top of London black taxi cab, but alas it didn’t work out. Perhaps on another future fanart. I liked the way this came out. I had used a picture I took at a John Mayer concert I attended in 2013 as a background and tweaked it a bit. I hope you enjoy it!


  6. RIP Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley

    Today marks the date of the tragic passing of both Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley. Kurt Cobain 20 years ago and Layne Staley 12 years ago. It’s so sad to think what could’ve been had they still lived: the records, the songs and who knows what else they could’ve done. You both left a legacy that is unique and to which will forever be remembered in rock history. You are never forgotten. Rest in peace and God Bless from all your fans.


  7. Taken from Beck’s 2014 album, “Morning Phase”.

    There are many ways we say goodbye, some good, some bad. One part of life that hurts for a lot of people, while it may help others move on and perhaps even open new doors.

  8. disco-rhombus:

    For a project, I had to create a map. I picked my favorite band from each state (or where the majority of where the members are from), filled with the image with each’s best album (in my opinion). Done in illustrator. 

  9. theparadigm:

    Love these guys. Very creative individuals, full of positive energy and love for life. 

    If you have not yet picked up 311’s new album, Stereolithic, you should do that right now. I’ve been a fan for a long time, since first hearing their songs featured on an aggressive inline skate video called Hoax II back in 1996, featuring the studly man in the middle, Brian Bowen Smith

    Over the years, 311 has explored many different worlds of music, covering genres from hard rock, dancehall, reggae, a mixture of all, together, and some of the most ethereal ambient music out there. All the while, keeping to the core message of positivity and collective unity for all. 

    While my personal tastes lean towards their earlier works, I’ve enjoyed most of what they’ve released over the 26 years they’ve been together as 311. But, for me, the more recent few albums have left something to be desired.

    What originally drew me to the band’s music was the mixture of raucous, frenetic energy in the form of syncopated guitar riffs, funky bass lines and core style drum parts, along with a wild phonic one-two punch from equally different but wonderfully complimented dual vocals. I had never heard anything like it. 

    Success with the “blue album” allowed them to really break the mold and experiment with new styles, combinations, transitions and sometimes bizarre mash-ups, coupled with otherworldly subject matter resulting in the epic album, Transistor. 

    After becoming familiar with their first three albums, I was a huge fan of the group. Transistor was the first new album released for me to enjoy as an established “excitable one.” It blew my mind once again. It felt like the beginning of a new stage in the evolution of the band and their unique sound. 

    With Stereolithic, I finally have experienced those same feelings again. It’s a album, 15 tracks deep, with a range reminiscent of Transistor, but also reaching into some uncharted territory for the band, which is fantastically refreshing. It once again feels like the beginning of a new stage in the band’s evolution.

    Not to sound corny, or perhaps to very intentionally sound corny, there will always be an eternal flame that burns within me as a fan of this band, I’m just thrilled that it’s been doused with some rocket fuel once again! 

    Agreed!! 311 are everything you could ever want out of your favorite band! Versatile, talented, fun and a pleasure for the ears! I’m proud to be an Excitable One!!

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